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Ask about promotional packages as well to save money. A Sweet Sixteen party, for example, consists of a budget-friendly buffet meal that includes dessert. A weekday wedding special offered includes a free ceremony and a full top-shelf open bar.

Eliminate Wedding Planning Stress with the Right Venue

Horror stories, YouTube videos, and more than one reality television series have illustrated how stressful it can be to plan a wedding. It does not have to be that way regardless of a tight budget, people who do not RSVP but show up, or even family disputes. The key to stress-free wedding planning begins with careful selection of the wedding venue


A wedding and event venue that has been offering customers a variety of banquet rooms and catering options for decades is paramount to the process. Experience leads to streamlined processes, excellent food, and added-value services that make any size wedding elegant and affordable. Certified event planners are available in-house to help couples explore all the possibilities and make selections. That saves time and money, which are the two components that can be the most stressful parts of a wedding.


The availability of multiple space choices means couples do not have to pay for more space than they need, yet still have plenty of space for the size of their wedding. Couples who want a small and intimate affair can book enough space for twenty-five to thirty-five people. Those who wish to share the day with many friends and family members can select an exquisite banquet room with a capacity of two-hundred and seventy-five guests.

Dealing with Non-Responding Guests

It is not uncommon to have invited guests fail to respond, but show up to the reception. That is more prevalent in some families than in others. If either side of the guest list is known for that type of behavior, selecting a buffet-style meal is the best option. Paying for a buffet is typically less expensive than paying for formal sit-down dinners. If those people do show up, great, if they do not, a lot of food and money was not wasted.


Catering packages are offered to make menu selection fast and easy. Couples can choose a brunch for smaller weddings, a buffet, a cocktail hour, a sit-down dinner, a supreme feast, an open bar, dessert items, or a combination of packages to suit the budgets and preferences. Customized packages can also be created for specific needs, dietary preferences, and desires. Couples can see Villa Russo Catering weddings for full details on rooms and menu items.

A buffet package, for example, may include beer and wine. If the couple decides they want no alcohol served, that element can be eliminated altogether. That flexibility can be expected from venues with years of experience. Place cards are provided so couples can seat guests at specific tables. That is an effective and subtle way to separate relatives who may not get along.